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    What is a Double chin removal?

    Double Chin Removal is an innovative and non-surgical aesthetic treatment that specifically targets and reduces submental fat, commonly known as a double chin. This popular procedure utilizes injectable deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body, to break down and eliminate fat cells beneath the chin. The result is a more defined and sculpted jawline, restoring facial harmony and enhancing overall facial aesthetics.

    Treatable area

    Double chin removal is primarily focused on treating the submental area, specifically targeting the excess fat and loose skin that contribute to a double chin.

    The Benefits of Double Chin Removal

    1. Enhanced Facial Profile: Our Double Chin Removal treatment expertly contours the jawline, providing a more defined and youthful appearance. Reducing submental fat can significantly improve facial proportions, resulting in a more balanced overall look.
    2. Non-Invasive and Minimally Disruptive:Unlike surgical alternatives, our Double Chin Removal is a non-invasive procedure that requires no incisions, sutures, or general anesthesia. The treatment is safe, gentle, and most patients experience only mild discomfort during the process.
    3. Quick and Convenient: Our Double Chin Removal sessions are relatively short, typically lasting around 15 to 20 minutes. This makes it an ideal option for busy individuals, as there is no need for extended recovery periods.
    4. Long-Lasting Results: Once the targeted fat cells are treated and eliminated, they do not return. Our Double Chin Removal treatment results are long-lasting, providing you with a more sculpted jawline for an extended period.
    5. Boost in Confidence: Achieving a well-defined jawline can have a profound impact on your self-confidence. Patients often experience increased self-esteem and a more positive body image by addressing the double chin concern.

    The Double Chin Removal Experience

    1. Consultation and Customized Treatment Plan:Your journey to a rejuvenated jawline begins with a comprehensive consultation with our experienced specialists. During this session, we will assess your facial anatomy, discuss your specific concerns and aesthetic goals, and determine if you are an ideal candidate for the treatment. Based on this evaluation, a customized treatment plan will be created to address your unique needs.
    2. Advanced Technology for Effective Results:Our Double Chin Removal treatment utilizes advanced technologies to effectively sculpt your jawline. These technologies work together to target and eliminate submental fat, without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. The procedure is non-invasive and comfortable, with most patients reporting minimal discomfort.
    3. Recovery and Results: After the treatment, you may notice some mild swelling, redness, or tenderness in the treated area. These side effects are temporary and should subside within a few days. You can typically resume your normal daily activities immediately after the session. Over the following weeks, your body will naturally metabolize and eliminate the treated fat cells, revealing a more defined and rejuvenated jawline.

    Embrace a Rejuvenated Jawline with Double Chin Removal

    Arizona MedLaser is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals and restoring your confidence. Our Double Chin Removal treatment offers a safe, effective, and non-surgical solution to address the common concern of a double chin. Say goodbye to the frustration of a double chin and embrace the beauty of a sculpted jawline with our advanced technology. Our skilled specialists are committed to providing personalized care and delivering exceptional results, ensuring your experience is positive and transformative. Unlock the potential for a more confident you with Double Chin Removal and redefine your jawline to reveal a more sculpted and youthful appearance.


    Double Chin Removal is an ideal option for individuals who are bothered by the appearance of a double chin and desire a more defined jawline. Candidates should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure.

    While some patients may experience mild discomfort during the injections, the procedure is generally well-tolerated. Our experienced specialists take measures to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment session.

    A typical Double Chin Removal treatment session lasts around 15 to 20 minutes, making it a quick and convenient option for individuals with busy schedules.

    The number of treatment sessions required varies depending on individual factors, such as the extent of the double chin and the patient's desired outcomes. Many patients see noticeable improvements after just one session, while others may benefit from multiple treatments for optimal results.

    Following the treatment, some patients may experience mild swelling, redness, or tenderness in the treated area. These side effects are generally temporary and should subside within a few days.

    Yes, the results of Double Chin Removal are long-lasting. The treated fat cells are permanently destroyed and do not return. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help preserve the outcomes for an extended period.

    Double Chin Removal is a non-invasive treatment with minimal downtime. Patients can typically resume their normal daily activities immediately after the procedure.

    Side effects of Double Chin Removal are generally mild and temporary. These may include swelling, redness, or tenderness at the injection site. Serious complications are rare when experienced specialists perform the procedure.

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